Faster page loads, 99% uptime and over 10X the visits for half the cost? Yes, please.

Eno Clouds’ uniquely optimized stack instantly improves site speed & uptime while cutting your costs by over 50% compared to managed hosts like SiteGround, Kinsta & WPEngine.

How Eno Cloud stacks up VS other managed cloud hosts

When you’re looking for managed hosting, there’s only one thing you really want to know: “Which one will give me the best performance for the lowest price?” We ran tests to find out, and the numbers speak for themselves:




Visits, bandwidth, and storage included in small business-scale plans for WPEngine, Kinsta, and Eno Cloud.

Whether you run an agency, a small business or a blog with WordPress, you get better performance with Cloudways, hands-down

Other managed hosting plans put limits on the number of visits and websites you can have, so you max out on traffic well before you use up the “high-performance” server resources you paid for.

With other Managed Hosts

You get locked into low traffic and website limits, while STILL having to pay extra for performance “add-ons” like Redis and NGinx.

With Eno Cloud…

You can serve 10 to 50 TIMES the visitors per month on as many websites as you want, without sacrificing speed or paying extra fees.

“More visitors sounds great — but what about speed?”

If you think a 10X boost in visitors has to come with a catch, think again: Not only does Cloudways handle an astonishingly higher volume of traffic, it significantly outperforms on server response times, to boot.

Average Response Time

The secret to Eno Clouds’ (shockingly good) performance

Time and again, businesses see a boost in speed & uptime just by switching to Eno Cloude. Why? Because of the Eno Clouds Thunderstack: a PHP stack packed with the world’s best server software, installed on the world’s best cloud providers. The result: noticeably faster websites.

Best of all: Eno Clouds performs better and costs LESS than other managed cloud hosts

Sounds wild, but it’s true: Eno Cloud not only delivers better performance to way more visitors, it actually costs less than half of what other WordPress hosting plans charge.

Ready to get started?

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